Mocht je geen afstandsbediening hebben, dan kun je Windoiws Media Center ook met toets-combinaties bedienen.


Ctrl+T = Go to Live TV
Ctrl+O = Go to Recorded TV
Ctrl+G = Go to the Guide
Ctrl+R = Record a TV show
Ctrl+P = Pause a TV show
Ctrl+Shift+P = Resume a TV show
Ctrl+Shift+S = Stop recording or playing a TV show
Ctrl+Shift+F = Fast-forward
Ctrl+Shift+B = Rewind
Page Up = Go to the next channel
Page Down = Go to the previous channel
Ctrl+B = Skip back
Ctrl+F = Skip forward
Arrow up/down = Show quick guide
Arrow left/right = Show show info
Enter = Jump to previously viewed channel
Space = Jump to previously viewed channel
Ctrl+D = Details / Show movie information screen
Windows context key = Details / Show movie information screen

While navigating the (mini)guide or movie information screen
Arrow up/down = Next / previous channel / next option / scroll through info panel
Arrow left/right = Next or previous program / info panel
Number keys = Jump to channel
Enter = View selected channel / activate option

Video and DVD

Ctrl+E = Go to Videos
Ctrl+Shift+M = Go to the DVD menu
Ctrl+Shift+P = Play video/DVD
Ctrl+P = Pause video/DVD
Ctrl+F = Go to the next Chapter
Ctrl+B = Go to the previous Chapter
Ctrl+Shift+F = Fast-forward
Ctrl+Shift+S = Stop video/DVD
Ctrl+Shift+B = Rewind
Ctrl+Shift+A = Change the DVD audio
Ctrl+U = Change DVD subtitles
Arrow Keys = Change the DVD angle

Music (inc. Radio)

Ctrl+A = Go to radio
Ctrl+M = Go to music
Ctrl+P = Pause or resume a song
Ctrl+Shift+S = Stop song / radio playback
Ctrl+Shift+P = Play a song
Ctrl+F = Go to the next song
Ctrl+B = Skip back
Ctrl+Shift+F = fast-forward
Ctrl+R = Rip a CDCtrl+I = Go to Pictures
Ctrl+Shift+P = Start a slideshow
Ctrl+Shift+S = Stop a slideshow
Ctrl+P = Pause a slideshowCtrl+D = Display the content menu
Ctrl+Shift+C = Toggle closed captioning on/off
Ctrl+Shift+Z = Zoom function
F8 = Mute Volume
F9/F10 = Volume Up/Volume Down
Windows context key = brings up context menu
Windows logo+Alt+Enter = Go to main menu (The green button)
Backspace = Go back to the previous screen
Alt+Enter = Toggle full screen mode or window mode
Alt+F4 = Exit program quickly without going through the menus

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